Saturday, February 18, 2006

Life is Good

You know it's funny to me. I can think that I'm stuck in a moment, not being able to get out of it. Or just be in an apathetic mood, and then something in your life happens. Something that you didn't expect, something small and simple just cause one person decided to invite you to something. Or just cause one person said something or did something for or to you.

This person isn't always someone you know either. It can be a stranger you see while walking down the street or to your class. They could just say hi, or even go further than that, and offer a complement to a complete stranger by saying “You have a great smile.” You can arrive home to find a note from a friend telling you how grateful they are for you.

There are even those friendly invites that appear that they may be more of a damper on things than something that would actually be good for you. You could receive a random phone call from a friend asking if you are free that night to go on a blind date, and while the blind date wasn't the most romantic night of your life, and you didn't experience love at first sight, you for some reason are really comfortable the whole time and just have fun. It was good just to get out, and your date seemed comfortable too.

You can get that emergency phone call pleading for help, and while you are extremely busy with your own projects, and while you had just worked overtime that day at work and felt like your bed was a very important being in your life that also needed you to sleep in it, you get off your bum and help. You then find the comfort, peace, and gratitude for life grow even more. And, surprise, surprise, you aren't as tired any more. You actually feel a renewed strength and are able to get even more done that night than you thought you could without helping.

There are just sometimes in your life, because of the thoughts of others. Perhaps even the selfish thoughts of others that give you a chance to benefit. You grow because of the people in your life. It amazes me, how much more you grow, learn, and become edified by interacting with others, than by taking an extreme amount of 'Me' time. There are so many little tender mercies that come from others in your life, friend or stranger.

I like life.

In fact, I'd say, Life Is Good.


Beth said...

I'm grateful for those moments too Josh. I love that something so small and meaningless as a phonecall or text message or anything that you mentioned can touch us and make a huge difference. I also am so grateful that in those situations my obvious oblivion often goes away and I am able to see and appreciate what is happening and be grateful for it. I consider that a little tender mercy too. Thanks for sharing your thoughts pal. And thanks for being my friend, you are just like the people you described in your blog. You certainly have blessed my life and I am sure you had no idea. Love!

daisy said...

i love knowing that i'm not the only one in the world that sits back and realizes the amazing possibilities in life. the Lord blesses us so much and all we have to do is live.... to be honest i love Sundays for that reason. it's my day to look back and recognize the wonderfulness of everything. yes, i know i sound random... but don't i always. you are an amazing influence in so many lives. keep being you. no worries.

Lori B said...

I totally agree with your thoughts about the little things. It is those little things and the people around us that make life worth living.
P.S. Happy Birthday a week ago. I hope that you had a lovely B-day and lots of fun.

Anonymous said...

I wrote a journal entry kind of like this one last September. I wrote about that time you helped me with the flyers, along with the myriads of other things that people had done for me. This blog entry also just happens to be on the day that you came to my junior recital. Thank you again for doing the little things that make life bearable.