Thursday, December 31, 2009

What it Truly Means to Be Human

Those of you who are LDS may remember from President Monson's talk this past conference him speaking of a retired doctor named Jack McConnell who started a medical clinic staffed by volunteers of retied medical persons. Those of you who have not heard of him he is a man who grew up being asked by his father everyday at the dinner table "what have you done for someone today?" He says that has guided him his whole life (a life filled with great medical accomplishments), and when he found boredom in retirement he put his time, effort, and skills to good work.

I decided to look this man up. Probably to make him and what he does more real in my mind. I found him and viewing some videos on him and what he has done did make him more real. Here are a couple good videos on the clinic and organization Volunteers in Medicine that he helped create:

And here is a link to the clinic's website. I recommend reading the history, although a lot of it was covered in the above two videos.

I'm not gunna lie. I feel that this is the way something like "universal healthcare" should be done. It seems to add the greatest benefit to individuals and to our society as a whole. Greater benefit than any entitlement based healthcare system can bring. Something like this is where our time and focus should be. Not some 2000+ page bill that plays favors to politicians across the country. But that is me getting far more political than I wanted to in this post.


merrilykaroly said...

I didn't remember that being mentioned in General Conference. What a beautiful story! What a difference that man has made.

And I agree (even though you don't want to be political) that these are the kinds of organizations that would solve our country's problems with health care and a lot of other 'political' issues.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting how Jack McConnell inspired a number of other retired doctors to be involved. A good act leads into others. This is something in kinship with President Monson's character, which follows the Savior. Preach the Gospel of Peace.

I suppose that fact that this doesn't seem to be normal in the world leads to the political angles.

Josh said...

I think you bring up a good point. We usually think of what we would label as evil acts as being very influential in getting others to follow suit. We forget that (or don't realize that) good acts are also influential. Probably just as, if not more so.

Maybe the problem is we let ourselves think we can't do much, or that our help isn't needed... yet.

Linda said...

I loved this post. If every retired doctor in America took care of one poor family, we might have no need of Obamacare.

NoSurfGirl said...

I love this.

A completely selfless thing to do... and a wonderful thing for those served by this. And I hope that after I retire I'm doing something constructive with my time... maybe that's why Heavenly Father has made it easier to live a healthy lifestyle to a much older age than previous times have made possible... maybe retirement doesn't mean retirement, it means the perfect opportunity to devote one's life and time completely to service.