Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Post Maritual Engagement

So, I got married. Whoa. What a great day that was. Which is why I have procrastinated the day of my blog posting. Things got crazy busy at the end of last year but I'm back... for now.

My last three comments were little lines that I had been thinking about and overcoming. I was going to say the three lines on three separate days, see what everyone else thought about them and then write a long inspirational well thought out blog that tied the three points together and gave the greatest insight you have EVER read in a blog. But alas, wise friends/comment posters totally stole my thunder. It's a good thing I got married to the most beautiful woman in the world to occupy me while this was going on.

Seriously though, I am amazed at the great insight given upon the points I posted using so little text. I love how people can build each other. Where we can all learn and inspire each other. I think moments in life when people share truth and heartfelt experiences are some of the sweetest peaks in our lives. I hope someday we can be on one large sweet peak, always sharing and growing with one another without any sort of guile (as well as with all the ice cream we could ever want).

Peace Out.

Please stay tuned for insightful...or perhaps interesting... or maybe at least somewhat interesting... or just some plain text that forms the ideas of the guy who writes this blog, interesting or not.


NoSurfGirl said...

Yay!! You blogged again.

You guys need to come hang out with us sometime and we can be cool married people together.

You know, when you're not busy staring raptly at one another and exchanging sweet nothings. And all that.

Margaret said...

Uh, cool single people like to hang out with cool married people, too, nosurfgirl.

And long as you're not busy staring raptly at one another and exchanging sweet nothings. And all that.

Janell said...

Uncool single people don't discriminate based on marital status either. ;)

NoSurfGirl said...

awww... but us cool married people are sometimes left out of the single people clique due to children, etc. And the staring raptly thing.

Gella said...

Good for people to know.