Monday, February 05, 2007

I'm not weak!

So, I consider myself a pretty technical savvy kind a guy. A child of technology. I was part of the before it was an acronym and way before they added the .com. We use to call it 'a' back in the day (that's 'a' sounded out not pronounced as the letter). I even met a girl in an AOL chat room and then met with her in real life when I was in Jr. High. She ended up going for my best friend, but from what I hear it wasn't a really big loss on my part (my wife is way cuter).

Before I went on my "two-year vacation,” I was groovin with both of the cool Internet slangs used at that time, lol and rotfl/rofl. I would have used other Internet slangs but there weren't any. You can imagine my surprise when I came home and the number of Internet slang words had grown exponentially. People were now chatting in complete slang and beginning each of their sentences with btw. I couldn't help but say 'bless you' every time I saw it.

I realized that after my two-year sabbatical I was done with my cool Internet socializing phase. I wasn't anti-computer. I still live with one in front of me all day long, at home at work at school. But I just couldn't do the whole "meet someone online thing" anymore. If I was going to talk to someone I was going to use my phone, and you know if I felt I could do the physical effort and walk or push the pedals in my car, I would visit people in person. Yeah right. That's for people who graduated with a 2 in front of their graduation year. Online Personals and Singles sites? Not! I like my women in 3-D (today women should be replaced with woman - that's for you honey). I just really like meeting people in person. Electronic stuff just didn't and still really doesn't do it for me.

But then years after getting my first cell phone, I got hooked on blogging. And that's okay, cause I'm not trying to meet anyone in an artificial social electronic world, just find a place where I can talk and no one can tell me to shut up (and if they do I won't post their comment ;). Blogging was as far as I would go. I didn't need to date anymore, ever since I fed my girlfriend some love potion #9 and she married me. Dating sites were totally out of the picture.

But then... then... people I knew kept talking about and using all these social sites like and Their excuse, "I get to keep in contact with a lot of my friends. Friends from all over the place and back in the day." I'd respond with "send an email, and if you lost contact that's one less person you have to send a 'Merry Christmas' 'Happy Thanksgiving' text during the Holidays. They wouldn't buy it and I didn't care I was happy in my own little anti-myface world.

Or so I thought (I still feel deep down inside that I still feel that way). One day, while minding my own business, my wife tried to send me some links to pictures that her cousin took of our wedding through gchat. I couldn't get to the pictures. Why you may ask? Well because they were on facebook and I didn't have a facebook account. So there I was 'stuck' as my almost two year old nephew would say it. I was still on a wedding picture high and wanted to see those pics. So what did I do... I did it. I really did it. I created a Facebook account. And now my face is viewable to everyone else who has a facebook account. I succumed. Gone.... Forever...

PS. If you're my friend and on Facebook and you are reading this, invite me as a friend already. Gosh!


Margaret said...

LOL U really r 2, 2 funny. The PS just slew me.

Anonymous said...

u r cute. woman is definitely better than women.

NoSurfGirl said...

It's a tough call-- the internet is so fun to connect with friends/family, but then, you never know who may be reading/stalking you.


Janell said...

The reason I don't join facebook is I don't want the confirmation that I don't have friends.

Further excuses: It seems that it's the much younger people than myself running around there. And then there's the added tasks of searching for and approving friends, reading the walls, updating your picture, responding to texts. . . gee, my schedule just doesn't permit such fictional socialdom!

Congrats on joining, but this tech-forward girl is still resisting that one piece of tech.